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Welcome at Werk150,
the factory of the ESB Business School
on the campus of the Reutlingen University

Founded in 2011, the factory provides a state-of-the-art infrastructure for research, development, education and training. Students are trained to become future experts in the field of innovative technologies and approaches. In addition, current issues of applied research are dealt with here and new methods, tools and future technologies as well as control methods for adaptable work and logistics systems are developed and tested. The results of applied research are continuously incorporated into teaching.

Our history

It all began in 2011 under the leadership of Professor Dr Vera Hummel. After a conception phase, Werk150, at that time still called "ESB Logistics Learning Factory", was initially set up in 2013 in a basement of Building 5 of the ESB Business School.


A significant leap forward was made in 2018:

The ESB Logistics Learning Factory was renamed

the “Pilot Factory Industry 4.0”. The Federal Ministry of Education and Research funded the project ECHO (real-time capable, cyber-physical hybrid production) with a total of 1.7m euros.


This funding helped to equip the learning factory with many different devices such as lasers, sensors, collaborative robots, smart devices, intelligent logistics systems and high-performance 3D printers.

Move to building 21


Since summer 2019 Werk150 has its new home: 800 m2 hall with a high ceiling, flooded with light, workplaces for the students and a room for seminars.


With the move it was time to roll out the new name: ESB Logistik-Lernfabrik is now Werk150. 

“The old name no longer felt right: we do not only teach here but also carry out research and development. Moreover, we no longer replicate

only a logistics company in the factory, but an entire production facility. Logistics is only a part of the complete production process”, explains Professor Hummel.


A ‘Werk’ includes both, production and logistics. And it describes not only a technical plant but also stands for the product of creative work.

“By the way, the 150 in the name stands for the address – the campus at Reutlingen University is at 150 Alteburgstrasse, as well as for more than 150 years of experience in education and research at the location of Reutlingen University“, adds Professor Palm.

Our mission

In an innovative international research and education environment, we are researching and developing solutions to keep companies competitive and developing leaders who will responsibly shape our global economy and society.


In keeping with our mission:


  • we shape national and international business practice through applied research

  • we support and accompany companies from the region as well as across national borders on their way to digital transformation

  • we maintain strong and sustainable international partnerships (research institutes, universities, alumis)

  • we offer master's programmes and, in cooperation with universities, doctoral degree programmes to students, who can successfully pursue careers internationally

  • as an organization, we promote and practice responsible and values-based organisational behaviour in our local and global environment.


Unsere Schwerpunkte

Topics for research and training
        System “Factory 4.0”


Digitally integrated product and process engineering & manufacturing

Application of

5G technologies

Smart products
& digital business models

Design of hybrid work systems: Human-robot-collaboration in production and intralogistics

Autonomously controlled, changeable intralogistics systems

Digital Shadow/
Digital Twin

Our infrastructure

Unsere Infrastruktur
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