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In cooperation with Knowledge Foundation, the continuing education institution of Reutlingen University, we offer companies seminars on the topic of "Digitisation and Industry 4.0".  In addition to a general introduction to the topic »Industry 4.0« (duration: two hours to two days), we offer half-day seminars on the following topics at Werk150:

Successful innovation

of business models

Product and factory engineering using cloud-based
business platform

Visual assistance systems

Transformation Data – Information – Value creation


Additive Mannufacturing

Predictive Maintenance

Digitalisierung in der Supply Chain

Training modules

five practice days at Werk150, basic understanding of I4.0 concepts

Interdisciplinary Industry 4.0 Seminar

up from two days including preparation and follow-up, up to 50% financialsupport for SMEs via innovation voucher of Land BW possible

Industry 4.0 Identifying business models

Potential analysis 4 days of which 2.5 days on site, 1.5 days preparation and follow-up, up to 50% support for SMEs via scouting voucher possible

Industry 4.0 Scouting Workshop

Training according to EN ISO / IEC 17024 (3 days plus project work over 6 months, without examination by Gesellschaft für Prozessmanagement

 »Process Manager«

1 day

Process management

two days of basic knowledge on personal certification according to EN ISO / IEC 17024

Process Analyst
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