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Studying at Werk150 means applying your knowledge and understanding the overall system in a real digital and physical factory environment. How do you design the individual elements of a production system, how do the decisions in one area affect other areas? At Werk150, classic learning methods are used in combination with self-directed, action-oriented learning methods.

The use of the latest technology makes modern concepts such as Digital Planning, Industry 4.0, Self-Control, Digital Twin, Human Robot Collaboration, 3D Printing or machine learning comprehensible and tangible.

This is how a day at Werk150 looks like:

Unsere Studiengänge

Degree programmes


MSc Digital Industrial Management and Engineering

The Master's programme is particularly addressed to students who want to qualify for interdisciplinary research and development tasks at the interface between business and technology.

With the degree, you will be able to develop and validate solutions for topics in the field of industrial digitisation and plan their implementation. This means that

you are well prepared for further activities at an institute with the possibility of a doctorate or in a research and development department.


The Research Master's programme

is run in cooperation with Stellenbosch University (South Africa) and Purdue University (USA).

MSc Operations Management

The special thing about our Project Master’s is that there is intensive contact to industrial companies and research institutes right from the start. You are given a specific task and as part of a team develop your own solutions. You learn under real conditions to plan, to carry out the project and to cope with changing project requirements. You get involved in the team, adapt solutions and make decisions together. You are trained so that you are ideally qualified to work at the interface between technology, management and business in the areas of production and logistics.

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BSc Internationales Wirtschaftsingenieur-wesen - Operations

In the Internationales Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen – Operations (Business and Engineering – Operations) degree programme you will become familiar with fundamental concepts of business administration and business engineering. A particular focus of the degree programme lies on the planning and optimisation of production processes at the interface between technology and business as well as on the relevant international and intercultural aspects and the integration of business and engineering concepts from different regions of the world.

BSc Production Management

This degree programme teaches you the fundamental concepts and methods in the area of production. You will learn to act confidently in an international working environment as an industrial engineer and to carry out your tasks in a professional
Consistently in line with actual practice and with an inter-
national focus, we prepare you for your career in the many
different areas of production. We not only provide you with specialist skills but also support you in your personal


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ESB Business School: Master Digital Industrial Management

und Engineering

ESB Business School: Bachelor Internationales Ingenieurwesen

- Operations

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